Spellbinder/Enchantress. (October 1996.)

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View a larger version of this cover. View a larger version of this cover.

American edition:

Her name is Blaise and she’s irresistible to boys. Her dark, smouldering beauty is an invitation to jealousy and madness. And now she’s ready to kill. Eric Ross is the perfect catch, a star athlete who wants to be a vet. “Hands off”, warns her cousin Thea, who is determined to protect this particular human boy from the girl who was born to destroy men. Blaise’s black magic is powerful. The only way Thea can fight back is to use her own white magic, to bewitch Eric herself as a bluff. But soon Thea finds herself getting too close to Eric, feeling forbidden emotions, breaking Night World laws. Falling in love. As Halloween and the Night of the Witch draws close, can Thea save Eric – and herself – from Blaise’s vengeance?

Old and new European editions:

Blaise is irresistible. She’s lethal. She bewitches human boys for sport. Then she meets a boy who matters – to her cousin. They become rivals in love. It’s Thea’s white magic against Blaise’s black magic. They’re both breaking the rules. And Thea risks expulsion from the Night World.

* Book cover graphics were obtained from The L. J. Smith Cover Resource.

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