Dark Angel. (December 1996.)

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American edition:

One winter day Gillian Lennox almost dies...and is saved by an angel. His hair is golden. His eyes are as violet as her own. And when Gillian comes back from her near-death experience, he comes with her. An invisible guardian that only Gillian can see, he whispers the secrets of popularity in her ear. Overnight, the once-shy Gillian becomes a sensation. David, the boy she has loved for years, notices her. But then Angel begins to make bizarre commands. To draw Gillian into a world of risk and dark excitement. At last, she has to face the terrifying question: Who is Angel? What has she brought back from the Other Side? And can she and David find out his secret before its too late?

Old and new European editions:

Gillian is about to die. Then he appears Angel and becomes her secret protector. She must give him absolute trust and obedience. He makes her the most sensational girl in the school. Shes ecstatic. Until he starts to draw her into the darkness of the Night World... Good Angel or bad Angel? And will Gillian live to find out?

* Book cover graphics were obtained from The L. J. Smith Cover Resource.

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