News regarding the Night World series.

In 2011 L. J. Smith stated on her website that Strange Fate is still being written and that there is no publication date for the book yet. According to her letter in Night World: The Ultimate Fan Guide, Strange Fate is going to be an epic that will contain roles for almost every Night World character.

In 2009 L. J. Smith in conjunction with writer Annette Pollert published a supplementary book for the Night World series titled Night World: The Ultimate Fan Guide. The guide contains a letter from L. J. Smith thanking fans for supporting the Night World series. Concepts are defined by the author and there are quirky quizzes throughout the guide. There is also a sneak peak of Strange Fate with the first two chapters of the book provided.

In 2008 the Night World books were re-released as volumes. Three volumes were released, each one containing three Night World stories.

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