Character profiles.

Beyonce Knowles as Aradia.


Aradia is a tall, eighteen-year-old witch with dark skin and dark eyes that have no particular focus because she is blind. Aradia lost her eye sight at the age of one but has been having prophetic visions since. She is the maiden of the witches which means she holds an important role within the Inner Circle. In Witchlight the Inner Circle and those witches who obey their lead allied themselves with the First House of the shape-shifters for the battle between Circle Daybreak and the Night World Council during the millennium.

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Wilmer Valderrama as Azhdeha.


In their desperate attempt to capture a Wild Power the Night World Council hired a witch to perform a spell that awakened a powerful dragon named Azhdeha. Azhdeha appeared as a teenage boy with black eyes. On his forehead were five horns representing the seat of his power, hidden by his messy black hair. Azhdeha caused havoc in Witchlight. He commanded renegade shape-shifters to disrupt the impending alliance between the witches and the shape-shifters for the battle during the millennium. As a result of his commands the crone of the witches was killed. Iliana Dominick uses her Wild Power on Azhdeha, killing him.

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Shelley Hennig as Claire Goddard.

Claire Goddard:

Claire Goddard is the human cousin of Jez Redfern. Claire has dark hair and almond shaped eyes. In Huntress Jez moves to Clayton to live with the Goddard family. Jez pretends to be a normal teenager but she is secretly working for Circle Daybreak who have given her a mission to find the first Wild Power. Claire suspects her cousin is not as normal and innocent as she makes out and through spying Claire finds out about the mission. Every one believed Claire may have been the Wild Power until Jez proved to be the chosen one. Jez and the entire Goddard family gain protection from Circle Daybreak.

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Shannen Doherty as Cybele.


Cybele is the mother of the witches. Raksha Keller describes her as a small woman with a dumpling shaped body. When the crone was murdered by renegade werewolves and a tiger in Witchlight Cybele became the new leader of the witches. Under her leadership the Inner Circle and its affiliates allied with the First House of the shape-shifters for the battle due to occur during the millennium.

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Drew Barrymore as Daphne Childs.

Daphne Childs:

Daphne Childs is a slim girl with fluffy blonde hair and blue eyes. This fashionable teenager helped Rashel Jordan enter a nightclub run by vampires who were kidnapping girls for a blood feast for vampires. John Quinn lured Daphne to an enclave where she was held hostage until Rashel managed to break her and the other hostages free.

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Natalie Portman as Dove Redfern.

Dove Redfern:

Dove Redfern is the daughter of Hunter Redfern. Dove fell in love with John Quinn in the seventeenth century but was staked by his father for being an abomination of evil. Quinn remembers Dove as a sweet, gentle girl with soft brown hair and brown eyes.

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Frances Reid as Edgith Harman.

Edgith Harman:

Edgith Harman, lovingly called Grandma Harman by Thea Harman and Blaise Harman, was the oldest living Harman witch until her death in Witchlight by renegade shape-shifters. Edgith was the crone of the witches. This meant that she had final say in all matters dealt with by the Inner Circle. Edgith held witchcraft workshops and owned a renowned witchcraft supplies store in Las Vegas. Her assassination was carried out outside her store. Edgith was well over a hundred years old when she was killed. She was a small woman who walked with the aid of a crane. Although Edgith looked frail and old those who knew her knew she was a strong and stern woman.

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Chace Crawford as Gary Fargeon.

Gary Fargeon:

Gary Fargeon was a witch who died in a car accident on the same night he accidentally killed a girl whilst practising the art. Gary became stuck between life and death because of the terrible secret he kept before his death. A year after becoming a restless spirit Gary lures Gillian Lennox into the woods where she falls into a creek and dies from extreme coldness. As Gillian crosses over Gary appears to her. Gillian sees a guy with violet eyes and hair the colour of gold. Gary tells Gillian to call him ‘Angel’. Angel gives Gillian the choice to live again. Gillian decides to live. When she returns Gillian discovers Angel has come back with her. Angel begins telling Gillian how to dress and what to say to people. Gillian becomes a sensation at school. Every guy wants to date her and every girl wants to be her friend. Gillian is ecstatic until she learns that Angel plans to cause harm to the boy Gillian loves. Angel wants to take over his body. Gillian confronts Angel and learns that he is a distant cousin of hers. Gillian informs the police about the girl who died a year ago and Gary is able to cross over to the other side.

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No image representation of Hecate.


Thirty thousand years ago there existed a Witch Queen named Hecate. Hecate was the leader of the witch people. She was also the mother of Maya and Hellewise Hearth Woman. Maya renounced her heritage as a witch to become a vampire but Hellewise assumed the role her mother had played to the witches. Despite Hecate being dead for thousands of years some believe her spirit has awakened during the dawn of the millennium. Iliana Dominick received guidance from Hecate while fighting the dragon Azhdeha in Witchlight. Ironically, Hecate was the witch who convinced other witches that dragons must be put to sleep.

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Gwyneth Paltrow as Hellewise Hearth Woman.

Hellewise Hearth Woman:

Hellewise Hearth Woman is the daughter of Hecate. Hellewise and her twin sister Maya were the leaders of a tribe of witches. Maya renounced her heritage as a witch to become a vampire when she discovered the spell for immortality. Maya attacked the witches of her former tribe until Hellewise challenged her to a duel. Hellewise won the duel, driving Maya out of their village but she died of the wounds she suffered from the duel. Hellewise is worshipped as the witch who saved the witch species from eradication by vampires. Some witches consider her to be the ancestress of all witches for this reason. The surname Hearth Woman changed into Harman over the years. This means Hellewise is the ancestress of all Harman witches. Thierry Descouedres was a witch who was made into a vampire by Maya. Thierry still remembers how different the daughters of Hecate were. He describes Hellewise as a beautiful girl who had long blonde hair and deep brown eyes.

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No image representation of Hodge Burdock and Tyne Daly as Opal Burdock.

Hodge and Opal Burdock:

Hodge and Opal Burdock are the great uncle and aunt of Ash Redfern. When Night World elders learned that Hodge had told a human about the Night World he was pricked countless times with little wooden stakes until he bled to his death. After his execution his wife left the enclave they lived on without telling the elders. For this reason the Redfern family consider Opal a traitor. Opal resided in Briar Creek and had been encouraging Jade, Kestrel and Rowan Redfern to run away from the enclave as well. Ash goes to Briar Creek to find his sisters and punish Opal but discovers his great aunt has been murdered by a renegade werewolf.

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Brendan Fraser as Hugh Davis.

Hugh Davis:

Hugh Davis lost his entire family whilst they were on a camping holiday when he was a child when rogue werewolves attacked them. Hugh managed to save himself and after the attack Hugh discovered Circle Daybreak. He has been working with the organisation ever since. Hugh recruited Jez Redfern to find the first Wild Power. Working so closely with Hugh had Jez wondering if she was in love with him but she later realised it was Morgead Blackthorn whom she was destined for. Hugh is an old soul. He is described as having a nice but serious face with slightly long blonde hair and thoughtful grey eyes.

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Paul Walker as Hunter Redfern.

Hunter Redfern:

Presumed to have been well over five hundred years old Hunter Redfern looked to be only in his late twenties. He has blood-red hair and eyes that shine like gold. Hunter had a son named Chervil Redfern who ran away, leaving Hunter without a heir. Due to difficulty reproducing further Hunter formed a union with a witch named Maeve Harman. They had four daughters together – Garnet, Lily, Dove and Roseclear. Dove Redfern fell in love with a human named John Quinn in the seventeenth century. Hunter made Quinn a vampire, proclaiming Quinn as his new heir. Their relationship soured when Quinn fell in love with a human and fought Hunter from making her a vampire too. When Hunter found out his pure lamia son Chervil had a grandson named Delos Redfern who also happened to be a Wild Power, Hunter tried to convince Delos to join the Night World Council in obliterating humans. When Delos too falls in love with a human Hunter tries to kill Delos but Delos pulverises him with blue fire.

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Parker Posey as Iona Skelton.

Iona Skelton:

Iona Skelton is a small black girl with braided hair and dark eyes. When Iona is miraculously saved from a burning building Morgead Blackthorn presumes she is a Wild Power. Morgead convinces his gang of vampires to kidnap her to sell her to the Night World Council. Jez Redfern proves Iona is just a helpless eight-year-old and convinces the gang to let Iona go. Jez asks Circle Daybreak to provide protection for Iona and her mother in case other Night People assume she is a Wild Power. Circle Daybreak discover that Iona is one of the most ancient old souls to ever exist. They are thrilled about finding her.

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Jade Redfern. Kestrel Redfern. Rowan Redfern.

Jade, Kestrel and Rowan Redfern:

Jade, Kestrel and Rowan Redfern are the sisters of Ash Redfern. Sixteen-year-old Jade has white-blonde hair that shimmers like fine silk, skin as translucent as clear quartz and silver-green eyes. Seventeen-year-old Kestrel has golden brown hair with unnerving yellow eyes. And nineteen-year-old Rowan is described as tall and willowy with brown hair that reflects chestnut highlights and warm brown eyes. The trio escaped from the enclave they lived on to visit their great aunt Opal Burdock in Briar Creek only to find Opal had been murdered. The sisters form a friendship with neighbour Mark Carter and his sister Mary-Lynnette Carter. Ash is sent to Briar Creek to retrieve his sisters. When he arrives he learns his sisters have told Mark and Mary-Lynnette about the Night World. The sisters refuse to go back and Jade upsets matters more when she informs Ash that she and Mark are soulmates. Ash and Mar-Lynnette dislike each other until Rowan points out there is a connection between the two. As Ash and Mary-Lynnette explore this connection a renegade werewolf named Jeremy Lovett ousts himself as the murderer. Jeremy and Mary-Lynnette have grown up together and Jeremy has been the only boy Mary-Lynnette felt anything for but when he tries to kill Ash Mary-Lynnette kills Jeremy to save her soulmate. The sisters convince Ash to let them stay in Briar Creek with Mark and Mary-Lynnette.

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Jensen Ackles as Jeremy Lovett.

Jeremy Lovett:

Jeremy Lovett is a werewolf who was living in Briar Creek, hunting and killing whenever he liked because Night World laws were not being monitored in this hick town. Mary-Lynnette Carter describes Jeremy as a boy who never dated though he was blessed with good looks, including light brown hair and brown eyes framed by outrageously dark eyelashes. Jeremy kept to himself all his life. He also loved Mary-Lynnette from a distance. When Ash Redfern and his sisters arrive in town Jeremy immediately feels threatened. He threatens the vampires to leave but when he discovers Mary-Lynnette is falling for Ash he almost succeeds in killing Ash and changing Mary-Lynnette into a werewolf except that Mary-Lynnette fought back and killed him instead.

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Cameron Diaz as Lily Redfern.

Lily Redfern:

The second eldest daughter of Hunter Redfern, Lily Redfern is very striking, with dark hair and hawk like eyes the colour of topaz. According to John Quinn Lily was born a strategist. Lily was appointed by her father to find the first Wild Power. Lily almost accomplished killing Jez Redfern until Jez used her Wild Power on Lily. Lily disappeared without a trace.

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No image representation of Maeve Harman.

Maeve Harman:

Maeve Harman is the witch who mingled her blood with vampire blood. Since the Night Wars the witches and the vampires have despised each other. Thousands of years later when Hunter Redfern learned he could not have more children he asked Maeve for her help. To obtain her help Hunter had to declare peace between the two species. Maeve and Hunter had four daughters together. The three elder daughters – Garnet, Lily and Dove – were all raised as vampires. Garnet Redfern continued the Redfern line so this makes her the ancestress of lamia vampires such as Ash Redfern. The youngest daughter – Roseclear Harman – was raised as a witch and continued the Harman line. All descendants of Garnet and Roseclear are part witch, part lamia. No physical description of Maeve is provided. John Quinn mentions that Maeve seemed to dislike Hunter while she was alive. She also kept Roseclear away from him.

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Jesse McCartney as Mark Carter.

Mark Carter:

Mark Carter is the younger brother of Mary-Lynnette Carter. Mark has clear blue eyes, dark hair and a healthy tan. Mary-Lynnette says Mark has always been a scrawny little thing because of his asthma. Therefore it comes as no surprise that this high school junior falls in love with the first girl to ever be afraid of him. Mark startles his new neighbour Jade Redfern one night. Jade and her sisters are in the woods hunting for animal prey when Mark and Mary-Lynnette stumble in on their feeding frenzy. The sisters suggest killing the humans but Jade informs them that Mark and her are soulmates. When Ash Redfern appears on the scene he too discovers he has a soulmate connection, with Mary-Lynnette. The Redfern siblings decide to keep their human soulmates a secret from their family.

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No image representation of Miss Emma.

Miss Emma:

When James Rasmussen was three years old he had a human nanny he called Miss Emma. He loved her dearly but his parents thought he was too attached to the human. So they purposely did not feed James for a few days and then they brought Miss Emma to him. Unable to control his desire for blood James helplessly fed on his beloved nanny. When he realised Miss Emma was dying James tried to give her some of his own blood to change her into a vampire but his father stopped him. Miss Emma became a ghoul and was buried before she started to decay. James remains haunted by what happened to Miss Emma for many years. It is this memory that holds him back from expressing his love to his best friend Poppy North.

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Jesse Bradford as Philip North.

Philip North:

Philip North is the twin brother of Poppy North. Both North twins agree that the only thing they share in common are their green eyes framed by dark lashes. Philip is an honours student. He stars on the football and hockey teams. When Philip learns his sister is dying of cancer James Rasmussen offers her an alternative, to become a vampire. Philip has always disliked James and he convinces Poppy that James is making a fool of her. But when Poppy rapidly starts losing her battle with her health Philip tells James to do it. Once Poppy becomes a vampire she and Philip discover they are telepathic. It is Ash Redfern who points out to Poppy that she is a lost witch. While Poppy chooses to embrace her heritage Philip refuses to be a part of the Night World.

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No image representation of Red Fern.

Red Fern:

Red Fern is the only son of Maya, the first legendary vampire. Since he was born a vampire, this makes Red Fern the first lamia. Therefore he is the ancestor of all lamia vampires as well as of the Redfern family. Red Fern was born approximately thirty thousand years ago and although he should be a pivotal player in the Night World he is hardly mentioned in the series. It is not known whether Red Fern is still alive or not.

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Alicia Silverstone as Sylvia Weald.

Sylvia Weald:

Sylvia Weald is a tall and willowy witch with silvery-blonde hair and amethyst coloured eyes. Sylvia was not allowed to adopt the Harman surname because her mother was not a Harman witch. Sylvia reveals that this is why she renounced her heritage as a witch. Sylvia had plans to kidnap the maiden of the witches and hand her over to Hunter Redfern. She shared her plans with her human boyfriend Miles Neely but he refused to help her. When Miles goes missing his sister Maggie Neely decides to spy on Sylvia to investigate the situation. Maggie is led to the Dark Kingdom enclave where she meets her vampire soulmate Delos Redfern. Hunter convinces Delos to join forces with him in destroying humans with his Wild Power. Delos in turn tries to convince Maggie to become a vampire and join him as his princess but Maggie refuses. Hunter asks Sylvia to put a spell on Delos to prevent him from using his Wild Power until he proves to be reliable and when Delos realises what Sylvia has done he pleads with her to break the spell. It is Hellewise Hearth Woman, speaking through the maiden, who convinces Sylvia to break the spell. Hellewise has been dead for thousands of years but she asks Sylvia to show her loyalty to the witches. Sylvia obeys the command and breaks the spell just as Hunter orders her death.

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