The Harman and Redfern lineage tree.

To see figuratively how the Harman and Redfern families are connected I have drawn up a lineage tree. (Select the link to view it.) The lineage tree will open up in a new window as a pop-up. You may also want to read the information below which explains the tree.

Hecate, the Witch Queen, had two daughters. Hellewise Hearth Woman is the ancestress of the Harman witches while Maya is the ancestress of all vampires.

Maya had a son named Red Fern. Red Fern was a lamia vampire. This meant he could have children who would also be born as vampires.

Hunter Redfern had a son named Chervil Redfern before he married Maeve Harman. Chervil himself had a son Tormentil Redfern who is the father of Delos Redfern. Delos is full lamia while the daughters Hunter had with Maeve were part lamia, part witch.

The oldest daughter of Hunter and Maeve Garnet Redfern was raised as a vampire and she continued the Redfern line. Therefore, every Redfern after her is a descendant of hers (except Delos and his line) which makes them part lamia, part witch. This includes Ash Redfern and his sisters.

The youngest daughter of Hunter and Maeve Roseclear Harman was raised as a witch and continued the witch line. Descendants of Roseclear are part witch, part lamia. This includes Edgith Harman and Thea Harman.

When Edgith was a child she was separated from her twin brother Emmeth and her younger sister Elspeth before the first World War. This is why the descendants of the latter two are lost Harmans. This obviously includes Iliana Dominick and Gillian Lennox. You may be wondering why the younger siblings of Edgith are great-grandparents whereas Edgith is just a grandparent. This could be because Edgith had her children when she was older and then her children had their children when they were older.

Notice that the line connecting Sylvia Weald to Galen Harman is in a different colour. This is because their connection is only a guess on my part. With witches the last name is determined from the maternal side. This is why Sylvia is not a Harman but a Weald her father was a Harman, not her mother. Sylvia is the cousin of Thea and Blaise Harman, making her a grandchild of Edgith and since Edgith only had one son Galen it makes sense that they are father and daughter.

Also note that Gary Fargeon has descended from Emmeth. Therefore, he does not carry the Harman name. Gillian on the other hand has descended from Elspeth so although everybody calls her a Lennox she is very much a Harman. The same applies to Iliana.

* Thanks to Lorraine for helping me connect the relationships.

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