Character quotes.

Ash Redfern.
Blaise Harman.
David Blackburn.
Delos Redfern.
Eric Ross.
Galen Drache.
Gary Fargeon.
Gillian Lennox.
Hannah Snow.
Hunter Redfern.
Iliana Dominick.
James Rasmussen.
Jez Redfern.
John Quinn.
Lily Redfern.
Maggie Neely.
Mary-Lynnette Carter.
Morgead Blackthorn.
Philip North.
Poppy North.
Raksha Keller.
Rashel Jordan.
Thea Harman.
Thierry Descouedres.

* Quotes have been extracted from the Night World books which are copyright to L. J. Smith and her publishers.

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