Flowers of the Night World species.

A black dahlia is the symbol for witches. A black iris is the symbol for lamia vampires. A black rose is the symbol for made vampires. A black foxglove is the symbol for werewolves.

Each species of the Night World series is symbolised by a black flower. This allows Night People to identify each other. Black flower symbols can be found on rings, pins, clothes and other things like these. The witches of the Night World are symbolised by a dahlia. The first image on the left illustrates the dahlia flower. Lamia vampires are symbolised by an iris while the made vampires of the Night World series are symbolised by a rose. The second and third images on the left illustrate the iris and rose flowers, respectively. Werewolves are symbolised by a foxglove. The foxglove flower symbolises only werewolves, not other types of shape-shifters. The last image on the left illustrates the foxglove.

* Graphics were obtained from Getty Images.

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