Maiden, mother and crone What they mean to witches.

When I think of the terms maiden, mother and crone I think of Aradia, Cybele and Edgith Harman. I know all three are important witches who together form the head of the Inner Circle. But what do these terms actually mean and why have Aradia, Cybele and Edgith been given these titles? Well, maiden, mother and crone represent the three stages of life for a woman. The maiden represents the young virginal woman. The mother represents the fertile woman who is at her peak. And the crone represents the wise and aging woman who is approaching the end of her life. These titles also represent the three phases of the moon. The maiden represents the waxing moon, ideal for spells regarding new beginnings. The mother represents the full moon, ideal for spells regarding love and protection. And the crone represents the waning moon, ideal for spells regarding endings. Clearly, the phases of the moon determine the kind of spells that should be performed by witches. The triple goddess refers to the goddesses who represent all three phases of life. Hecate is a famous triple goddess. Many of her sculptures show her with three faces, each one representing the maiden, mother and crone phases. I will be writing more about Hecate and her role as the goddess of witchcraft in an upcoming article. It is fitting that Aradia is the maiden of the witches. She is the youngest witch of the Inner Circle as it is fitting that Edgith is the crone of the witches, considering the fact that she was the oldest living Harman witch until her death. While I think there has been a severe lack of information about Cybele in the Night World books, she has taken over as leader of the witches, beginning her transition from mother to crone.

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