The moon – What it means to witches.

The moon acts as a natural satellite for the earth and there are many old myths about the existence and the appearance of the moon. One ancient myth says the moon is a female who only comes out at night so to avoid her brother, the sun, because he has an obsession for her. To discourage her brother the moon scarred her surface with craters. Another popular myth says that the reason why the moon disappears for a few days of each month is because the moon and the sun have fought and the sun has eaten up the moon. Witches generally regard the moon as a female deity, known as ‘Mother Moon’. Witches believe the moon has magical energy and that its energy is most heightened on December 21, the shortest day of the year known as the winter solstice in the northern hemisphere. There are three phases of the moon and each phase determines the type of spells that should be performed. The waxing moon is a new moon. A waxing moon represents increasing energy. Spells relating to new beginnings and happiness should be cast during a waxing moon. A full moon is when the surface of the moon is fully illuminated. The magical energy of the moon is optimal when it is full. Spells relating to hope, love, protection and enlightenment should be cast during a full moon. A waning moon is an old moon and represents a time for change. Spells concerning change and endings should be cast at this time. When there is no moon in the sky simple spells should be cast.

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