Frequently asked questions.

What is the purpose of this website?
Why the Night World series?
Who is hosting this website?
Can I use information from this website?
Where can I find general information about the Night World books?
Why are some words and names links?
Why is the word ‘Night World’ italicised at times and a link at other times?
I have a term I think should be listed in the glossary. How can I let you know of it?
The character database does not list a character I wish to read a profile of. Why?
Profiles of some characters are not available. When will they be put up?
Why do some characters have no image representation?
You have used Natalie Portman to represent Dove Redfern. Are you saying you would cast Natalie as Dove?
I have a Night World website that is not listed on your links page. Why?
I would like to affiliate with your website. Does my website have to be Night World related?
How can I contact you?

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